Add Personality Using “Experienced” Decor

Do you have a guest room that needs an accent piece or a son outfitting a new apartment? Perhaps you need a few things for your cabin or water-front bungalow. Shop a resale store and decorate with personality!

decor thriftSometimes it is easy to see the potential of an item. Other times, it takes more imagination. Whatever the process, the value of “experienced” items goes beyond what’s on the price tag. Just a few resale items can warm up a modern kitchen or add interest to a hallway.

Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

  • Mass a collection of items on a mirrored or polished metal tray for extra gleam and attention. Copper bowls, tiny mirrored boxes, chrome decanters look great reflected.
  • Brass candlesticks massed in a fireplace, outfitted with a variety of candles.
  • Who says dining chairs have to match? A variety of wooden chairs gathered around a big oak kitchen table gives a casual, let’s-chat-over-coffee look to your home.
  • Speaking of chairs, nothing perks up a room (from bedroom to living room) faster than a sculptural chair. Look for a Windsor, an Eames-inspired lounger, a funky stool or whatever suits your taste.
  • Baskets are a wonderful resale buy. Try masses of them in a corner for textural interest. Hang flat baskets on a wall, or tuck them under side tables to hold magazines and games. 

When you browse through resale shops, abandon preconceptions. Don’t look at what it IS…. think about what it could be in your own home. Wouldn’t that granite-ware kettle look great with geraniums in it? How about that ornate chair, painted white, in front of a wicker dressing table? That sofa table would make a great entry hall piece. Imagine an ornate frame as a mirror in the dining room. And that sturdy oak dresser would make a wonderful vanity in the downstairs bath. 

Resale shops, like NU2U Thrift Fashion & Home Goods, add just the touch of personality at a price your wallet will love, too.

 Excerpt taken from HowToConsign.